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SOTAI practice and training

I have been fortunate enough to have had training in a muscle re-education technique called SOTAI when I was training in Japan in the early 1980’s. The practice of SOTAI is based on reversing muscular limitations with an isometric exercise.

I include it in most of my bodywork sessions when a patient complains of temporary pain. They will come into my office saying somthing like; “my arm, knee, or neck started to hurt the other day…” When this is the case we will work together to correct the problem with SOTAI and it usually takes about a few minutes. Really! Then I continue to work on balancing the body again to bring it back to feeling restored and relaxed with either shiatsu or manual Lymph drainage and energy work.

Regularly I will help my husband- you can ask him how quickly the sotai works!

Interested in studying SOTAI?  Ask me about a 6 hour training I have put together for health professionals. This course can also be adapted for lay people who want to help family and friends.

One thought on “SOTAI practice and training

  1. I am quite interested in SOTAI training. I am going to school learning asian bodywork and was briefly introduced to SOTAI in my shiatsu class. Afterwards I picked up Hashimoto’s book and have been teaching myself, but I realize that I will need some practical training. I am over in San Diego and was hoping you know someone on the west coast that can train me.

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