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Mindful Metaphor

Active Meditation to Access your Inner Wisdom

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What is Mindful Metaphor?

To begin a Mindful Metaphor we often start with this question “What would you like to have (pause) happen?” Then the answer is reflected back to the questioner, followed by specifically designed open-ended questions in “Clean Language”. The dialog has been designed to encourage the Mindful Metaphor process to emerge organically and with ease. It is an exquisite way to listen closely without facilitator imposed assumptions and allows for authentic images or words to emerge. Each client is encouraged to explore and not be concerned with explaining his or her thoughts and feelings but to keep engaged with the inner dialogue.

Who joins in the fun?

Mindful Metaphor is helpful for people feeling stuck or uninspired. After a session, my clients report a greater lightness of being with profound insights in themselves, work, or families that previously were mixed with confusion and ambiguity.

metaphor landscape

Clients come away with new resources to draw from and new insights about themselves.  After a session, they usually want to reflect and revisit the session and may even take time to make a drawing about it. They usually leave a session with an integrated sense of peace.

How Does it work?

A session can be as short as a few minutes or as long as ninety minutes depending on the goals of the client. It may involve sitting together or moving in a room. This is determined at the beginning of the session. Some clients use drawings or written notes as an option.

Symbolic Modeling was created by Penny Thompkins and James Lawley of the UK who compiled the work of David Grove over several years to format his techniques. They combined David’s ideas from the fields of cognitive linguistics, systems thinking, and NLP to produce a model which could be taught to others, enabling them to achieve phenomenal results (especially with trauma clients).

I am certified as A Clean Facilitator by Penny and James.

I call my approach
Mindful Metaphor

Why I Love Mindful Metaphor

When I was first introduced to Mindful Metaphor or (Symbolic Modeling -the original title of the process), in my work I was seeking to expand my understanding of the mind body connection. After my initial training, I felt the transformative effects stirring in my being. In discovering how metaphor is the interface between what is going on in our minds and what we are expressing, I knew it was the language to speak to my own personal transformation and healing. Daily-our language is embedded with metaphors that are integral to how we think, feel, and express ourselves. We don’t even know that on average we are using metaphors about every 7 seconds when we speak (even with our body language).

What Clients Experience

Clients report to me that they have new resources to work from and new insights about themselves. After a session they usually want to reflect and revisit one’s session and may even take time to make a drawing about it.
They usually leave a session with a gained sense of peace

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