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Heart Centered LMT, Energy Work & Mindful Metaphors- Rosemary Scavullo

Mindful Metaphors

Light and open to possibilities
MindFul of Metaphors, Revelations from Your Core

Revelations from Your Core

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Mindful Metaphors is a process that helps you arrive at an answer, core insight, through a series of carefully worded, guided questions called Clean Language. It is a form of dialogue with your inner self. What you uncover are your own deepest truths–wisdom within you–that helps you clear any obstacle and transform it into an ally. The process is gentle, organic, powerful. It is effective yet also efficient: you find that your responses get to the heart of the matter.  Many people find resolution in just one session.


Clients who explore their challenges through the Mindful Metaphors process find that they feel lighter, less encumbered, enlightened by the insights that emerge and empowered. They find and work with their true voice.

metaphor landscape

How Does it work?

We start with what is it that you want to have happen and I facilitate the process with you. We can meet virtually or one on one. You have to options to make the session comfortable for you.

Group Process Looking to engage a group by exploring a theme or stuck place? Mindful Metaphors facilitates groups to explore and find creative solutions.


Based on Symbolic Modeling my approach is called Mindful Metaphors. This is the inspirational work of David Grove and formated by Penny Thompkins and James Lawley of the UK. They combined Davids’s ideas in the fields of cognitive linguistics, systems thinking, and NLP to produce a model that could be taught to others, enabling you to achieve useful insights and results.

I am certified as A Clean Language Facilitator by Penny and James.

I call my approach
Mindful Metaphors

Why I Love Mindful Metaphors

I am continually inspired by my clients and the infinite variety of ways we find our way back to our hearts. Mindful metaphors is a very creative process that I love to facilitate. When I was first introduced to Clean Language, I was seeking to expand my understanding of the mind-body connection. After my initial training, I felt the transformative effects stirring in my being. I knew this was the language that spoke to my own personal transformation and healing. I learned that our original thoughts start with metaphors and that they are integral to how we think, feel, and express ourselves. I experienced that metaphor is an accessible tool to work with!

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