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Far Infrared Sauna to Detox

A 30-minute far infrared session will have you sweating like you just did hot yoga but instead- you are just relaxing comfortably in a sauna.


  • An Efficient way to flush out toxins
  • Ease pain in muscles and joints
  • Speed muscle recovery
  • De-stress!
  • Increase lymphatic flow and circulation
  • Look and feel younger

Infrared sauna temperature is NOT as hot as a more common stone sauna. The radiant heat is more comfortable to stay in longer and facilitates a deeper more penetrating sweat with less intensity. The health benefits of a great sweat assist the body to detox heavy metals and other known toxins, and deep relaxation. If used on a regular basis weight loss and improved body temperature can be achieved.

Infrared sauna also is useful for patients with chronic conditions such as Lyme disease and arthritis

Read this study:

Binghamton University Study: Infrared Sauna