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Keeping Clear with A Squishy Belly Massage

Services: MLD | Shiatsu Acupressure | Essential Oils / Aromatouch | Meditation

Relieving Constipation Symptoms with Abdominal Acupressure & Lymphatic Massage


What is it?

I massage on your squishy belly with gentle and rhythmic strokes in a clockwise motion to mimic how our intestines move food around our colon. This process, technically known as peristalsis, is comfortable and easy to receive.

You can do this at home as it is easy to learn. When you engage in this home care, you continue to reinforce the positive results by consistently reawakening the natural process of elimination. AHHHH…

How does it work?

Regular support for your digestive system through professional and self-care helps to re-educate the colon to be more effective, relaxed, and resilient.


According to an article in the Journal of Advanced Nursing (August 2010), abdominal massage appears to diminish the severity of gas and bloating and may be a cost-effective, long-term tool for managing constipation.

In my practice of acupressure and lymphatic massage, patients report back to me about the positive results of both the professional massage I give and the home techniques I teach.

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Lyme Disease, Neurotoxins and our Skin

Using Infrared Sauna and Lymphatic Massage to support wellness in chronic Lyme disease recovery and other inflammatory conditions

So many of my chronic pain patients are empowered when they can do something beneficial for their condition after following advice from their doctors. My passion is to help my patients manage this chronic condition by experiencing greater vitality and wellbeing. Medically focused massage session is effective at providing therapeutic relief that can make a significant impact on a person living with many chronic health conditions like Lyme.

What happens with Lyme disease?

When Lyme disease infects our body it releases fat-soluble toxins known as neurotoxins. Initially, the neurotoxins create symptoms including fever, fatigue, or even depression. The recommended treatment is antibiotics. However, sometimes symptoms remain for months to years after the recommended treatment. When left untreated, the remaining neurotoxins may affect the joints, heart, and central nervous system, resulting in a condition known as chronic Lyme disease.


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Cancer Care and Prevention with Lymphatic Massage (MLD)

For Breast Cancer Survivors    *And other cancer patients

20180307_153307 (1)

Lymphatic massage (MLD) is recommended by surgeons for pre and postoperative care especially in Europe where MLD has been integrated into the medical protocols. I have found that patients who use lymphatic massage find that they are much happier with their recovery. They experience less pain and swelling~ improving their ability to manage their symptoms at home.

Flushes and promotes lymphatic fluid movement

Reduces congestion

Promotes scar tissue repair

Repairs fibrotic tissue

Gentle and Rhythmic touch

Customized to your needs


Edema and Lymphedema management

Reduces stress through deep relaxation

Decreases bloating

  • Supports a healthy immune system



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Holiday Cheer and Inflammation

Holiday Cheer!

Wine has its place at the dinner table or dinner party, especially during the holidays. It may also be contributing to the inflammation and pain you’re experiencing days later. You may say, “But it helps me unwind at the end of the day and I enjoy it.” Yes, unwinding can be beneficial but I find that most patients I talk to about their habits often are not recognizing the impact alcohol has on the fluids in our body systems. I want to bring it to your attention that one reason you may be in an inflammatory pain situation is drinking more than one half a glass of wine in an evening could be contributing to the pain you’re experiencing that is not clearing up as easily as it once did.

Since I have been working with Manual Lymph Drainage –MLD--I have seen the impact wine can have on fluid retention. The MLD will help resolve and manage the overflow or inflammation in the body, but the body needs your help as well. Drinking more water is the biggest help. So what do you do at a party where it is easy to loose track of how many glasses or just the ease wine or beer goes down from the mouth and into the stomach? You can make sure you go to the party well hydrated to begin with. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to drink water you can try adding a drop of lemon oil or wild orange oil into the water to help with the taste and the absorption of the water. If drinking more water makes you frequent the bathroom more than you want, it may be your body ridding itself of the extra fluids, and if you’re patient with the process it will all normalize as your body gets its proper hydration. To help with good hydration get into the good habit of drinking one full glass water first thing in the morning. We keep a glass of water in the bathroom each night to have ready to drink each day. Going into your day well hydrated will help you at your party, too, because you won’t be so thirsty on a cellular level. What that means to you is that you will feel less stress because of ease of metabolic activity.
Wishing you all the best this Holiday season with gratitude and love.