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Keeping Clear with A Squishy Belly Massage

Services: MLD | Shiatsu Acupressure | Essential Oils / Aromatouch | Meditation

Relieving Constipation Symptoms with Abdominal Acupressure & Lymphatic Massage


What is it?

I massage on your squishy belly with gentle and rhythmic strokes in a clockwise motion to mimic how our intestines move food around our colon. This process, technically known as peristalsis, is comfortable and easy to receive.

You can do this at home as it is easy to learn. When you engage in this home care, you continue to reinforce the positive results by consistently reawakening the natural process of elimination. AHHHH…

How does it work?

Regular support for your digestive system through professional and self-care helps to re-educate the colon to be more effective, relaxed, and resilient.


According to an article in the Journal of Advanced Nursing (August 2010), abdominal massage appears to diminish the severity of gas and bloating and may be a cost-effective, long-term tool for managing constipation.

In my practice of acupressure and lymphatic massage, patients report back to me about the positive results of both the professional massage I give and the home techniques I teach.

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Face Care Class with Kansa wand

Self Care for the Face with a REAL (magic) Wand!

You will leave with:

• Glowing and radiant skin

• An introduction to the Kansa wand and how to use it to reduce and prevent wrinkles

• Guidance on the use of essential oils for the face

• Education on acupressure points to reduce stress and improve energy

Investment: $25, plus Kansa Wand and Oil sold Separately

December 5th at my MT Washington Office 6:30 to 7:30

contact me directly 410-963-4643 to register

December 7th at Nourishing Journey LLC 6:30 to 7:30

Prepay at Nourishing Journey Online Class payments (https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=833193&stype=41) (Select NJ Workshops)

To prepare for the class:

Order your wand and oil using the link below to receive 30% off your first purchase

https://theayurveda-experience.myshopify.com/?redeem=59c06e49d2974700f86de6e4 (https://theayurveda-experience.myshopify.com/?redeem=59c06e49d2974700f86de6e4)

NOTE: Purchase the Kansa Face wand with oil or Kansa face and body wand

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Vibrant and Decongestive Face Care Package Offer

Give the gift of loving  care with a package of 5 Face Care  Session

to look and feel vibrant, resolve congestion, and experience deep relaxation!

Package includes:


Face Care Gift Offer

Gentle lymph Massage,


Kansa Wand Treatment,

Custom Essential oils

5- 30 min session for $250

5 -60 min session for $450

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Chair Shiatsu to do with friends and family at GGBV this Wednesday

ChaIr Shiatsu Course starting this Wednesday, 2016!
Learn Shiatsu you can do at home in a chair at CCBC. Here is the ourse no.
CRN 31013 is going to run on the CCBC Owings Mills Campus Room 420 (4th floor) from 6pm to 8:30 pm.http://www.ccbcmd.edu/ceed/classes/le_wellness.html

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Self Hand Shiatsu helps with sleep-Pilot Study


In the Journal of Integrated Medicine you can read about this pilot study to help people in chronic pain fall asleep and stay asleep using shelf hand shiatsu.

The results were promising – participants reported subjective improvements in time to fall asleep, number of awakenings and daytime pain. There were some small objective improvements at the 2-week follow up, when adherence was at its highest, as well. Interestingly, most participants reported falling asleep while doing the hand self-shiatsu.

It is rare to find studies involving shiatsu, so i had to post this.  I imagine you might be interested in trying this out! Beats counting sheep and it may help you feel better during the day time too.

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Integrated Birthing

This weekend I had the good fortune to be asked to assist at a birth for my client (age 36) whom I have known for several years. She was recently married and expecting her first child and wanted to have a natural child birth or, at the very least, a vaginal birth and thought having her shiatsu therapist (me : -)) at her side would be the most supportive and comfortable for her.

Over the years I have assisted at four other births; one was a home birth with a midwife and the others were at hospitals with either midwives or obstetricians. This birth turned out to be induced 10 days earlier than her due date due to various complications, one of them being a fall during the icy conditions of January.

By the time I got to the hospital she had been administered an epidural for her pain and was at risk for seizures but was still confident she could deliver her baby. I practiced shiatsu after arriving to help calm and sooth the mother-to-be and help her adapt to her new environment of monitors and IV’s of medications and fluids.  When I left one hour and half later she was four cm dilated.

After I returned four hours later and she was still at four cm. At this point I put ear seeds on auricular points in the right ear. I used a probe to identify some tender points and also to check in with my patient about what seemed like the “resonate point” for her. In auricular therapy each ear shape is unique and so the anatomical points are not as precise as some acu-points on the body. They work, however, much like reflexology as the points correspond to different places on the body, both internal and external.  At various times I would press on the seeds to stimulate the points on the ear while feeling the vibrational response. My patient reported that she could not feel the seeds, just the pressure of my finger. She said at times it was euphoric and made her feel so relaxed. This is important to note as this mother-to-be was getting fatigued as she had been in labor for quite some time and had not slept or eaten anything since she had been admitted to the hospital the previous day.

She remained confident about getting to the point of pushing the baby out. After one and half hours she dilated fully and the staff began getting her ready for delivery by administering Pitocin (a protein to stimulate contractions) and donning surgical gowns and gloves for a messier process to begin.

To support a woman who is actively pushing requires a person to hold each leg bent while she takes a breath and directs her efforts to propel the baby out. The doctor was helping her to understand that this is a process of moving beyond the pain and focusing on the momentum that begins with strong contractions. I can honestly say I witnessed this happening. It was as if the ancient-prehistoric- goddess, Venus of Willendorf, emerged and guided the process. The exhausted new mother, with her last resources, enabled her new baby to enter the world and take her first breaths while the baby’s father cut the umbilical chord.

I have not focused on the efforts and wisdom of the medical staff at the hospital as this article was not about them but I do want to recognize that everyone worked skillfully as a team. I am grateful I was able to be included in what might be called the beginnings of integrated medicine and childbirth.