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Lyme Disease, Neurotoxins and our Skin

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Using Infrared Sauna and Lymphatic Massage to support wellness in chronic Lyme disease recovery and other inflammatory conditions

So many of my chronic pain patients are empowered when they can do something beneficial for their condition after following advice from their doctors. My passion is to help my patients manage this chronic condition by experiencing greater vitality and wellbeing. Medically focused massage session is effective at providing therapeutic relief that can make a significant impact on a person living with many chronic health conditions like Lyme.

What happens with Lyme disease?

When Lyme disease infects our body it releases fat-soluble toxins known as neurotoxins. Initially, the neurotoxins create symptoms including fever, fatigue, or even depression. The recommended treatment is antibiotics. However, sometimes symptoms remain for months to years after the recommended treatment. When left untreated, the remaining neurotoxins may affect the joints, heart, and central nervous system, resulting in a condition known as chronic Lyme disease.


Infrared Sauna

The deep penetration of infrared heat helps to remove these neurotoxins. Detoxification occurs directly through the skin, hastening the recovery process by allowing neurotoxins to bypass the liver and kidneys.


  • Flushes neurotoxins more quickly
  • Increases blood circulation, allowing more oxygen to penetrate deeper into the body’s joints, muscles and tissues
  • Reduces inflammation, lessening pain in chronic conditions, including Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and headaches.


Lymphatic Massage (MLD)

Gentle stretching of the skin in lymphatic massage increases flow within a stagnant lymphatic system–filtering and purifying neurotoxins, which helps promote better immune function.


  • Safe and recommended by medical doctors/nurses, naturopaths, and osteopathic physicians
  • Rebalances the central nervous system inducing a peaceful state, resulting in better sleep and less anxiety
  • Reduces swelling, lessening pain in chronic conditions, including Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and headaches.

Author: Rosemary Scavullo

Holistic Health Therapist

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