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Heart Centered LMT, Energy Work & Mindful Metaphors- Rosemary Scavullo

Sotai Course Offering

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Don’t miss this this class being offered in  Baltimore and Bowie. The cost is $120 or $105 if you register early.

http://www.tranquili-chi.com/2014classesworkshops   call  410-296-2644 

http://www.mindfulshiatsu.com/students_courseschedule.html  call  301-464-4743

Sotai Course Description

In this course you will learn practical ways of using stretching and isolated stretching called Sotai Therapy with your clients in the prone and supine positions, which will be immediately applicable and useful. Sotai is effective by releasing and reeducating neuromuscular patterns resulting in the alleviation of pain patterns. Clients have been known to respond amazingly well to these easy and effective techniques. You will enhance your clinical outcomes with less effort and more ease as you integrate these skills into your practice.

This course is useful for Massage Therapist, Asian Bodywork Therapists, Yoga Instructors, and Nurses

    •  Asses areas to determine the best approach
    • Learn principles of Sotai to apply in any situation
    • Learn how to teach patients tools for home care
    • Deepen your understanding of physiology of muscle re-education

Rosemary has over 20 years of clinical experience with shiatsu, acupressure, and bodywork therapies of Asia and has trained with experts in Japan and in the US. This course will be enjoyable and informative.



Author: Rosemary Scavullo

Holistic Health Therapist

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