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Exposure to Poison Ivy: Woes and Solutions

All these great spring days and I cannot keep myself from working outside in my garden, even though every year I struggle with poison ivy reactions. Not only do I get itchy, bumpy, oozing sores on my hands and wrists from digging out in the dirt, but also from my affectionate cat who carries it home on his fur. Over the years I have tried everything and this is what I have found to be most helpful:

If I know I have been exposed to the irritating oils I wash with Technu or something similar. I have never found applying calamine lotion to do much good and it is pretty messy.

Most of the time the only indication I have of poison ivy exposure is the bumps forming on my skin and some itching.  In this case the homeopathic RuxTox  has never been much help, either, no matter what the dose I used or the dilutions (I have tried many times over many years). Over the counter steroid cream helps with the itching pretty well for a day or two. As an herbalist I’d rather use a non-suppressive whole plant solution with out side effects.

So far the only remedy that has helped my itching, burning, oozing, bumpy skin to heal quickly has been formulated by Energetix . It is called Phyto Rad Antioxidant. I apply the liquid topically and within 10 or 15 minutes the inflammation is reducing and the irritation is calming down. I think this is a big deal because in the past I have had to take oral steroids for the problem because the irritation will keep increasing if I am unable to get the inflammation under control. Hope for a speedy and easy recovery is restored!

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May Study Group

The first Fridays of each month Energetix MD has a study group. The group has been growing with each practitioner sharing, in practice and business successes.
This month bring your case studies to review with the group
Show case herbals are; Core Scrofulara, Core Burdock, and Core Gen 2

Hosted by: Dr. Stephanie Ried ND, 100 Owings Court, STE # 9
Riesterstown, MD 21136,
(443) 904-7304
May 3, 2013
10-12 pm