Hands to Heart Holistic

Quality Lymphatic & Shiatsu Therapy- Rosemary Scavullo

About Rosemary

Hands to Heart Holistic

Bringing your hands to your heart & listening~

Your heart is guiding you to wholeness.


In my family practice, I work with all ages~ children, adults, and seniors. I am known for having “golden hands” and a gentle manner. I find that shiatsu (a manual care practice of Asia) and Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) have been very effective with acute and chronic conditions. I complement my bodywork with “Metaphor Health Coaching” as requested.  My patients experience help with pain relief, allergy relief, greater self-awareness, and less stress because these modalities induce a peaceful state.

I studied shiatsu in Japan in the 1980’s and continue to be inspired by the profound results it provides to each person.  Shiatsu uses touch along the acupoints and energetic pathways that connect the neuromuscular system with the mind-body response.  It is massage therapy with clothes on.

I am certified in MLD by the Klose Training and the Vodder School International.  With gentle and rhythmic stretching directly to the skin to drain the lymph pathways–which have become congested due to illness, injury, or surgery–MLD cleanses the tissues and initiates an immune response.

In Cambridge, England, I completed certification in metaphor coaching with Penny and James Lawley, the founders of Symbolic Modeling. Currently, I assist Gina Campbell in teaching professional coaches in Baltimore at her school called “Mining Your Metaphors.” Metaphors are the window into what is holding us back or motivating us to move forward. My patients enjoy this insightful, emergent process.

Since 1990 I have been a professional member and certified instructor of AOBTA. Since 1994 I have held a  Maryland state license under the Chiropractic Board.  In 2009 I graduated from the Energetix College of BioEnergetic Medicine to be qualified to recommend nutritional remedies for your home care, which enhances health maintenance and detoxification.

I am also an instructor of meditation privately and for the Kadampa Meditation Center. I have worked as a research assistant for a clinical study specializing in meditation and states of consciousness at The Johns Hopkins University Medical School. 

Through my years of clinical experience — having studied with some of the best teachers in meditation, Asian bodywork therapy, and both the Klose Training and the Vodder International School for Manual Lymph Drainage — I am prepared to offer you high-quality services.


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